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With no coconut industry in Australia, any involvement in coconut R&D over the past 25 years by the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) and the University of Queensland (UQ) has been driven by the mission to help developing countries, particularly those in the Asia Pacific region.

With so much at stake, the environment is now ripe for educated, discerning investors and growers. Investing in a coconut agribusiness project offers the opportunity to access a burgeoning market with declining supply. Moreover, modern agricultural advances make coconut development both safer and more profitable than ever before. This is where Australian research could play a crucial role on a global front.

KokoNiu aims to capitalise on this to be the first to commercially market coconut tissue culture and the somatic embryogenesis technology globally. Owning this space opens the door to huge commercial opportunities. One of the top priorities for KokoNiu will be in developing high quality coconut varieties with unique traits bearing large quantities of nuts. With this advancement in research, the potential to mass-produce the premium ‘elite’ coconut tree that bear more coconuts, more quickly becomes a reality. The technology could also enable elite trees to be more resilient to local pests and disease. In a nut shell KokoNiu aims to create a new Coconut Industry in Australia.

Through a successful capital raise, KokoNiu intends to design and build a CTC Laboratory to produce these elite coconut plantlets while establishing a Nursery and several future Coconut Plantations in Northern Australia. The Australian plantations are due in part to the simple fact that Australia doesn’t have a commercial coconut industry – we import nearly all of our domestic coconut products, spending over $100M every year.

KokoNiu will then also aim to produce a wide range of premium Australian made and locally grown coconut products for domestic consumption as well as tapping into lucrative overseas markets from a future processing plant.

Coconut Growth Room

CTC Laboratory

The first to commercially market the somatic embryogenesis technology of coconut micropropagation globally, in order to produce elite ‘true to type’ coconut plantlets.

Future Nurseries

After spending 12 months in a growth room attached to the CTC Laboratory, the coconut plantlets will be transported to the nursery for 6 months of acclimatisation prior to being planted in the field.

Large Coconut Plantation

Future Plantations

Establishing a new coconut industry by way of improving farmlands converted to coconut producing plantations. The Company plans to establish 300 hectares of plantations in the future.