KokoNiu is establishing an exciting new Coconut Industry in Australia

World and Australian First Technology

Internationally, KokoNiu is poised to be the world’s first to commercialise the somatic micropropagation technology of ‘true to type’ coconut plants through a proven tissue culture protocol. Domestically, KokoNiu aims to be the first to establish several large coconut plantations to create an exciting new coconut industry in Australia.

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of coconut growing countries are on Australia’s doorstep
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of exisitng trees declining in productivity due to old age
Million new plants required over the next 20 years
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increase in the demand for coconut products over the last decade

The Looming Global Coconut Crisis

According to a recent report from the International Coconut Community (ICC), an intergovernmental agency that works to promote the global coconut industry, there is a massive crisis looming for the coconut industry globally. Executive Director, Mr Uron Salum states that 700 million coconut plants are required worldwide over the next 20 years just to replace unproductive trees that have become senescent (too old).

Our Operations

For the past 25 years, Australian Research and Development into coconut has centred on tissue culture, in particular, the ability to propagate coconut plants on a large scale. With 90% of the global coconut growing areas located in the Asia Pacific region, there is a massive market for new plants on our doorstep.

With this perfect storm unfolding, KokoNiu has entered into a collaboration with the University of Queensland (UQ) to commercialise the improved protocol of the somatic embryogenesis (SE) technology. In a nut shell (pun intended) we take the somatic embryo from the coconut flower and produce ‘true to type’ coconut plants identical to the Mother tree. The protocol developed will allow us to do this on a massive scale at a cost significantly less than current methods.

About Us

The Co-Founders have brought together a diverse range of individuals, each a hand-picked specialist in their field to sit on the Board as well as a highly experienced Advisory Team. This highly respected management team will assist in identifying, securing and monitoring the management of these vertically integrated businesses.

Elite ‘true to type’ coconut plants for the domestic and international markets.